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Monthly Archives: November 2012

SPACE! The Ongoing Impressiveness of Open Space in Videogames

So…Star Citizen. For those of you haven’t heard, the guy behind the old Wing Commander games is making a new game, and it’s an incredibly ambitious and impressive looking affair. Go check out all the various footage of the game that’s available on the official site before we continue.

As is pretty evident, even from the extremely early look at Star Citizen we’ve been given, it’s shaping up to be a really impressive game. The visuals are fantastic all the way around, from the vastness of the virtual galaxy right down to the small physical movements the pilot makes when the player steers or controls the throttle. It’s also an incredibly vast game as far as the gameplay variety it offers. On the surface it’s a spaceship-flying action game, but that’s only the beginning; there’s plenty of opportunities to get out of your ship and explore on foot, often inside other large ships.

The craziest part about it is that it’s a crowdfunded game. While looking as ambitious as (or perhaps even more ambitious than) most of today’s triple-A games, it’s being made on a relatively modest budget that’s been donated by eager players. So how the heck are they planning on pulling such a huge project off on such a reasonable budget? Read more of this post